Coffee and Cup Holders

I’ve said before that buying a car is an emotional experience.  Sure, that emotion can be “give me anything cheap so it doesn’t matter if I spill coffee in it” but, that is still an emotional response to the needs of a customer.

To that end, we believe that buying a car should be a positive emotional experience.  Our customers have noticed that we’ve made a lot of improvements over the previous six months and aren’t slow coming forward to tell us they appreciate it.  Too often people are quick to complain in this world and not so free with the positive comments but we’ve noticed that our customers are saying the nicest things.

And, that is because we are working hard to make the experience with us a positive experience.

One of our first initiatives, and my personal favourite, was the addition of quality coffee.

Good, quality black coffee is proven to be very healthy.  Instant coffee has been proven to be a very unhealthy blend of chemically treated something-or-other with very little trace of actual coffee which is derived from the cheapest beans available.  In short, it tastes like shit.

So we offer good quality, freshly made coffee to our visitors at Mountbatten’s.  Cappuccino, lattes (even had a caramel latte this week), espresso, Americano or straight forward coffee with milk and/or sugar. We also have tea (of course. It is England after all) and hot chocolate.

This has been very well received.

I actually spilled a coffee in the Boss’ car yesterday but our valet team is so good that it was cleaned up without even a scent of coffee left behind.

And this actually brings me back to the thing that is on my mind today.  Spilling coffee in cars.  (Remember our customer earlier who chose to buy a car he wouldn’t mind spilling coffee in?)

When a car arrives with us we like to go through everything in the car to be sure we really know everything about the car.  We do a thorough mechanical safety check and sort out anything that we find is an issue. Our crack team of car valeters makes sure that the car is as close to show car condition as possible.

And, we drive the car. We want to know how to set the clock, adjust the stereo, set the SatNav (etc, etc...) so we can show the future owners of the car before they take it to its new home.

I make it a point to look for cup holders.

The cup holder was first introduced to cars by Chrysler in the good ole USA back in the mid eighties. It was a big thing for them to have somewhere to put their giant, bladder-busting Big Gulps and Slurpees instead of wedging them between their legs.  (Slurpees are really cold).  Now, of course, they want them for coffee.

All but one of our cars has cup holders.  Mostly two in the front seat.  One rather unfriendly car has only one in the front and none in the back.  Some have one for each passenger – front and back. We have a beautiful Jaguar XF that has two in the back and three in the front.  Wait a minute...! Three in the front.  Is one for the shaker and the other two for the martini glasses?  (FYI: We do not condone drinking martinis while driving!)

The only car without is the modern classic 2003 Audi TT 225 Quattro.  Amazing car.  I have one and I love it except that it doesn’t have any cup holders.  Sure, there are small indentations on the inside of the glovebox door but you cannot possibly fit a cup there.  And, being such an eye-wateringly quick car, the cups spill over when you accelerate and all the junk in the glovebox comes shooting out onto the floor every time the lights turn green.  You can buy an aftermarket cup holder for the Mk 1 TT, but it goes in the centre console behind your elbow and is very difficult to reach.

Details matter at Mountbatten’s.

It is all part of our drive to make your visit here a great experience.  I could write about customer experience, and coffee, and cup holders all day but I’ve been told I need to go pick up the boss and drive him to work this morning as penance for spilling coffee in his car yesterday.  (Note: He does have cup holders but they were full of pound coins and phone chargers.  He also has a very small dog that would fit in the cup holders as well.)

When you want a great car buying experience be sure to visit us at Mountbatten’s.  We’ll be sure you have a nice hot coffee so you can be sure to test ourt our selection of cup holders.